Choosing for Carrosserie Lemeire

Choosing a vehicle of Carrosserie Lemeire is choosing a stylish and quality product. It is the ideal base for your activities and this for many years to come.


This because of:


- External Inspection by AIB-Vinçotte and IDIADA

- Quality constructions scientifically based through cooperation with research and industrial centers such as KAHO Sint-Lieven, ESLT and Flanders Drive

- Supported by Agoria and Federauto

- All our vehicles meet the high requirements of the European directive 2007/46

- Trailers, semi-trailers, front-wheel drive vehicles, container systems, also for other manufacturers, in the form of chassis, chassis with bodywork and fully furnished

- Not only Belgium but also in Europe




- Custom vehicles as well as standard vehicles

- As low as possible against the ground to have a good contact between vendor and client

- The possibility of sliding roofs to increase your sales space

- No discomfort caused by supports in the middle on the opened side of the vehicle

- All our chassis are galvanized

- The production of our own excellent refrigerated ventilated counter

- Low maintenance by optimal design reduces costs and no surprises afterwards

- Construction of our own panoramic cabin, more sale space

- Own repair service and good service